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Advantages of Modern Wardrobe Designs

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Wardrobe designs are becoming more than just practical elements in space; they are a crucial component of interior design. In a bedroom, wardrobes occupy a significant amount of space, and when aesthetically integrated with the decor, can say a lot. Modern Wardrobe Design enhances the aesthetics of your area as well.

A wardrobe style that isn't functional will not be practical, and if the design doesn't suit your taste, it indeed feels unpleasant. It is, therefore, crucial to pick your style of wardrobe carefully and consider different factors such as size, width, and height according to your interior. This article on wardrobe designs will benefit you if you want to change the appearance of your closet.

Top 5 Modern Wardrobe Designs

Now that you know some essential wardrobe factors let's look at some of the best designs in the style trending in 2023.

Multipurpose Wardrobe

latest wardrobe design in Abu Dhabi and Multipurpose Wardrobe
Credit: Al Meera

A multi-functional wardrobe design is the finest choice you can make if you're looking for modern wardrobe ideas for master bedrooms and have a vast wall that can be used entirely for ample storage! The critical distinction between this and a typical wardrobe is how readily a safe storage for valuables, drawers and TV units etc., can be bu ilt into the enormous closet itself. So, if you want to go for conventional designs, then a multipurpose wardrobe is an excellent alternative for a wardrobe for bedrooms.

Wardrobe with Dressing Table

Top Walk-in wardrobe in UAE, Oman and Qatar. Wardrobe in Oman
Credit: Al Meera

When it comes to wardrobe design, use your imagination and go with something straightforward but stylish. Use wood, metal, and glass to create a work of art that will leave viewers in awe. These contemporary closet designs are undoubtedly costly and require a lot of maintenance, but they are surprisingly sturdy and have a refined aesthetic. Another option is to mount a wardrobe that is flush with the wall. It will make room for a drawer, and you may put a beautiful mirror there that can hang on the wall. Now all you need is a little, adorable stool to sit down and get ready.

The Monal Wardrobe

Simple wardrobe design in Dubai and modern wardrobes in Dubai
Credit: Al Meera

Monal wardrobe is another choice in modern wardrobe design. Despite the widespread misconception that contemporary wardrobe designs are typically expensive, this is not the case in this situation. Monal wardrobes are easily accessible and reasonably priced. The wardrobe has six doors and long, square-shaped handles. In the monal wardrobe, the pull-out drawers are positioned following the row of shelves. There is plenty of room for hangers inside this contemporary closet design. It is an excellent piece of art furniture to improve the appearance of your bedroom overall. You can visit our page for modern wardrobes in Dubai.

Glass and Mirror Closets

Credit: Al Meera

If you don’t like bedrooms having too much wood? Then it would help if you looked at the glass and mirror wardrobes, which not only bring a new look into the bedroom, but also offer it a fresh personality that can only come from a contemporary cupboard design. These contemporary wardrobes are easier to handle, and in addition, many individuals combine the glass panels to create sliding wardrobes, enhancing the entire space's appearance and feel.

Hidden Safe Wardrobe

Credit: Al Meera

Want to secure money, but need an affordable wardrobe? A hidden safe wardrobe is a practical wardrobe design for a bedroom that will give you lots of space and won't break the bank, so it's an alternative that will never go out of style! Utilizing every inch of the space in a house efficiently is a top consideration in urban homes. Therefore, building a wardrobe with a safe is one of the innovative approaches you can take.

Advantages of Modern Wardrobe Design

Maximizes Available Space

Built-in wardrobes design in UAE and Oman
Credit: Al Meera

Built-in wardrobes, as opposed to freestanding ones, can be incorporated into any space. Built-in wardrobes are a clever way to deal with tight areas. They may even be specially made to fit into L-shaped corners or be built around windows to maximize the amount of space in your room. By doing so, you may incorporate your wardrobe into the design of your room and make use of awkward corners and nooks that are ordinarily unused.

The Appropriate Finish to Match Your Interior

Credit: Al Meera

Participating in the design process is another significant advantage of the fitted wardrobe. This is important, especially if you're remodelling or creating a new home. It can be hard to adapt a prefabricated standing wardrobe to your home's decor. You must first think about the material that would match the job best. Then, there are a variety of sizes and patterns to pick from. Not least, you'll need the ideal finishing touch that complements the rest of your décor.

To Fit Your Space, Built

There are various concerns you must consider while looking for the best wardrobe designs. Will the wardrobe's height fit flush against your ceiling? Will it take up a lot of room in your bedroom? If you choose a built-in wardrobe, you won't face any of these problems. You can alter the height and size to fit the specifics of your room. You have many options when picking colours, finishes, and door kinds when choosing a built-in wardrobe.

Affordable Price

It can be challenging to find a wardrobe that you like, that will suit your wants and preferences, and that won't break the bank. Thankfully, obtaining a fitted wardrobe is a simple solution to this problem. With a built-in wardrobe, you can choose the ideal ratio of design, material, customizations, and price. Making the right concessions will allow you to improve what you require. A bespoke wardrobe will typically be more valuable than a standalone wardrobe at the same price, even if you have a very tight budget.

Built-in Lighting

lighting in wardrobe design, top wardrobes Qatar, top wardrobes Oman
Credit: Al Meera

One element that is sometimes overlooked in wardrobe design is lighting. Wardrobes frequently require external lighting, particularly on gloomy, foggy mornings. However, integrated lighting fixtures can be used in built-in wardrobes. For example, select LED strip lighting for the inside shelves and spotlights for the top of your closet. This can save time and effort by making it simpler to find clothes in deep drawers and shelves.


A suitable wardrobe design is crucial in today's modern world when there is a lack of space. Fortunately, there are numerous modern wardrobe designs you can choose from, and it’s best to work with your demands and bedroom theme because every bedroom has its style and design. We are here to assist you in selecting your ideal design, from creating your bedroom wardrobe design to securely installing it in the dedicated space. With us, designing a bedroom closet only involves a few simple, quick actions. We incorporate many valuable aspects to control clutter into our modern wardrobe designs. To find the modern wardrobe design that best meets your needs, check out our website and Instagram.

Get in touch with our experts today to build your custom modern wardrobe in UAE, Oman and Qatar at the best price.

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