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Generally, modern kitchens are designed with sleek surfaces, polished materials, minimalist features, and clean lines. They typically integrate the latest technology and appliances such as built-in refrigerators, induction cooktops, etc. to create a stylish yet efficient and functional space. In terms of aesthetics, modern kitchens often lean towards neutral color palettes such as black, beige, grey, or white, in order to create a sleek and trendy look. They are also usually designed with open layouts that facilitate a smooth and easy flow between the kitchen and other common areas. Overall, a modern kitchen design focuses on simplicity and functionality while still being aesthetically pleasing.

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35 Rosa

Door Color: Limo White

Worktop: Ivory Soft (Ceramic)

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An island with a built-in oven, hob, and hood makes cooking in the heart of the kitchen

fun and practical.

Having a functional kitchen does not have to compromise on its aesthetics. Integrating open shelves with LED strips adds ambiance and warmth, and gives you space to display your favorite items.

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35 Rosa
Door Color: Black Stone
Worktop: Diamond White (Quartz)

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A concealed push-to-open coffee unit, a another great idea for modern kitchens.

The Tamboor is a storage solution that allows you to keep your frequently used kitchen appliances easily accessible, while concealing them when not in use.

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88 Rossana

Door Color: Matte Pearl, White 101 & Sycamore Grey
Worktop: Calacatta Lincoln Lucidato (Ceramic)

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88 Rossana
Door Color: Glossy White, Beauty Grey & Pet Grey
Worktop: Mauna Loa Black (Quartz), Saktoro Cliff (Quartz) & Pebble Swan (Acrylic)

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88 Rossana
Door Color: Green
Worktop: Bright White (Acrylic)

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Modern kitchen design dubai

25 Maria

Door Color: White Vine Ind.

Worktop: Black Absolute (Granite)

Exclusively using tall units with built-in appliances and a sleek minimalistic island is the epitome of modern kitchen design.

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88 Rossana - 25 Maria

Exterior Door Color: Red Cherry

Interior Door Color: Green

Worktop: Sanded Icicle (Acrylic)

A concealed kitchen is ideal for open spaces making it possible to open the doors when needed and close them when done, hence, maintaining an organized and spacious area.

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