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10 Modern Wardrobe Designs That Will Transform Your Closet Area

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Wardrobe! This single word creates a big hype in people's minds. This shows how vital a wardrobe is. And when it is such an essential part of the house, it must be of the best design, have the best features and obviously should give the best view of your closet area and your room. When it comes to renovation, one should provide the necessary attention towards the designs of the wardrobe and all other things. This article deals with wardrobe designs and would be a great source of help if you want to transform your closet's look. Read this article until the end to learn about the best wardrobe designs and the best wardrobe design company in Dubai.

10 Best Modern Wardrobe Designs to Give a New Look to Your Closet:

This article mentions ten of the best modern designs to give your closet a new look. You can also visit our page for more visuals of the best wardrobes in Oman.

1. Waxwing Sliding Wardrobe

Waxwing Sliding Wardrobe, wardrobe design in Abu Dhabi and wardrobe design in Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

The first option in the list of the best modern wardrobes would be the waxwing Sliding Wardrobe. This wardrobe would even fit in a comparatively small space. A wooden cabinet with sliding doors on both ends and a big mirror in between will always stay in the premium options. And if you have a wooden floor in your closet, the wardrobe would look more mesmerizing. You can keep this wardrobe in your bedroom if you don't have a closet. A small table with a table lamp would complement the look.

2. Monal Modern Wardrobe

Monal Modern Wardrobes, wardrobes in Qatar and wardrobes in Oman
Credit: Al Meera

Monal wardrobes are always on the go. Everyone can afford to install one, and they are a good choice. If you want to have a large capacity wardrobe with a modern touch, go for the monal ones, which is a six-door wardrobe with a vast storage space where you can stack everything you need. This also will give a good look if you keep a dresser against it. You can also get some inspos for the best wardrobes in Qatar from Pinterest and other apps.

3. The Open Concept

The new all-open wardrobe designs, top wardrobes Dubai, top wardrobes Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

If you have a reasonably large closet with a good space for your wardrobe and your budget allows you to be extra, go for the all-open wardrobe. But here, you need to have organized wardrobe as you can only go unorganized in some cupboards. The open concept gives a high quality and expensive look to the closet with accessories like a moving stool, a dresser and a beautiful rug to give an elegant look.

4. Wardrobe With Laminated Doors

modern wardrobe design with Laminated door, wardrobes in Dubai and wardrobe in Abu Dhabi
Credit: Al Meera

Laminated door wardrobes can never go out of fashion. If you are bored of your boring closet, go for laminated door wardrobes this time. This would give you a lot of compartments, and the best part is you can also paint it in your style. These wardrobes are always in demand and are affordable as well. A lamp to the side would enhance the beautiful look of the closet, and for more looks, you can visit our page for modern wardrobes in Dubai.

5. Glassy Wardrobe

Glassy Wardrobe design and modern wardrobe design
Credit: Al Meera

Glass gives a premium finish and look. When we talk about a glassy wardrobe, we mean it to be all glass, the doors, the inner part, the side mirror for the obvious and everything dealing with glass. It would be pricey and risky, but we ask you to install a durable and sustainable glass wardrobe that would last long. This wardrobe can be placed against the wall where you can fit all your expensive and premium clothes, ornaments and shoes. A cute table with a vase in front would complement the look.

6. Modern Two-Colored Wardrobe

two-color combination wardrobe design is top wardrobes Dubai, top wardrobes Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

Monochrome themes always get the hype, but if you want to go for something out of the box, go for the modern two-colored wardrobe. Go with a combination of two good colors and do the magic in your closet. We assure you will fall in love with the results, and it will be one of the best wardrobes in Dubai.

7. L-Shaped Wardrobe

Credit: Al Meera

A popular wardrobe design is an L-Shaped Wardrobe. It can go well with both a traditional and a modern room set-up. The best part about this wardrobe is that various doors and cabinets can work well here. You should consider it if you want something different this time.

8. Walk-in Wardrobe

Credit: Al Meera

Who does not like to have a great walk-in wardrobe like all those celebs flaunting their stuff in what “I have in my closet” videos? It's your time to transform your average wardrobe into an expensive walk-in wardrobe. Install an open cupboard with walking space in between and maybe a chair. Having a reasonable distance in your closet will be a good idea.

9. All-Black Wardrobe

Wardrobe in black color, best wardrobes UAE, top wardrobes Dubai
Credit: Expressions Home Interior

A monochrome theme for a wardrobe would always be a genius choice. You can't go wrong with the color black. Keep your wardrobe all black. From the doors to the cabinets to the handles and the accessories as well. If in wooden texture, you win the race but others would also not go wrong. Go with bright lighting to complement the whole black wardrobe and trust us it would look stunning.

10. Master Bedroom Wardrobe

Master Bedroom Wardrobe and wardrobes in Qatar, wardrobes design Dubai
Credit: Al Meera

If you own a master bedroom and are wishing to install the wardrobe within the room instead of the closet, you should go for a glass wardrobe with wooden cabinets. It would give a classy look and will complement the room if it goes with the color theme. Here you need to be super organized as you can still be unorganized with your glass wardrobe if it is in the closet but if it displays in your room, you can't risk it.


So this was it for the article. We did all we could do to help you in this regard. Now it's your turn to choose wisely what you want according to your budget, storage capacity and ideas you have in mind. Trust the process and do not go for the most hyped things but for the one you feel would go best with your setup. We hope this article would be a piece of help and for more details you can visit our page to know about the best wardrobes in Abu Dhabi.

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