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Al Meera Kitchens Muscat August 2018-5.j


A perfect contrast where old meets new can be found in a contemporary classic kitchen design. They often feature a blend of traditional design elements with a modern touch that creates a timeless look. They typically incorporate sleek lines, high-quality materials, and neutral color palettes. To add a modern touch to a classic kitchen design, stainless steel appliances are the way to go. They blend seamlessly with the clean lines and neutral color palette of a contemporary classic design. Overall, a contemporary classic kitchen design is the perfect option for homeowners who appreciate both traditional and modern design elements for a timeless but also up-to-date look.

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kitchen showroom Oman, best kitchens design Muscat

82 Janet

Door Color: Dark Coffee

Worktop: Everest White (Quartz)

kitchen showroom qatar
kitchen showroom abu dhabi

25 Maria

Door Color: Rustical Stripe IND

Worktop: Tecton Beige

Study Table Worktop: Mosaic Dalmatian (Acrylic)

kitchen showroom dubai
kitchens in dubai

62 Venecia

Door Color: Off White

Worktop: Mauna Loa Black (Quartz)

kitchens in oman

A kitchen from Oak wood painted white and

combined with natural wood color.

kitchens in qatar

36 Morena

Door Color: Dark Walnut

Worktop: Bianco Soft (Ceramic)

kitchens in abu dhabi

A harmonious blend between the dark

walnut doors and white ceramic worktop.

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