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The term “classic” is often used to describe something timeless, elegant, and stylish. A classic kitchen style embodies these qualities, with a look that never goes out of fashion and usually comes in natural materials like solid wood.

best kitchens dubai

62 Venecia

Door Color: PU White

Worktop: Ferio Black (Quartz)

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best kitchens abu dhabi
best kitchens muscat
best kitchens uae

36 Morena

Door Color: English Walnut

Worktop: Quarry Oyster

best kitchens abu dhbai
luxury kitchens dubai
luxury kitchens oman

62 Venecia

Door Color: White

Worktop: Ashford Fog & Verona Verde (Quartz)

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luxury kitchens abu dhabi

A smart kitchen utilizes space efficiently.

The many options of accessories allow for better storage space.

luxury kitchens muscat

82 Janet

Door Color: Apple

Worktop: Pebble Swan (Acrylic)

luxury kitchens uae

Nature colors are warmer, especially with a painted glass cladding.

kitchen showroom dubai

62 Venecia

Door Color: Cherry Antique

Worktop: Aleutian White (Quartz)

The color and design of the doors can take a kitchen from city classic to country classic.

kitchen showroom oman

55 Sofia

Door Color: Yellow Oak

Worktop: Pebble Swan (Acrylic)

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