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The word “classic” is generally used to describe something timeless and elegant. A classic kitchen is characterized by these qualities, with a style that never goes out of trend and is typically made from natural materials like solid wood. Classic kitchens often feature elegant and ornate details such as decorative molding, intricate hardware, and raised panel cabinets. Natural materials such as wood and stone are also used in order to create a warm and inviting workspace. Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, sconces, or pendant lights are also found in classic kitchens for a more elegant feel, while also providing warmth and ambiance. Overall, a classic kitchen design offers an elegant and timeless feel that adds value to any home.

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62 Venecia

Door Color: PU White

Worktop: Ferio Black (Quartz)

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36 Morena

Door Color: English Walnut

Worktop: Quarry Oyster

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62 Venecia

Door Color: White

Worktop: Ashford Fog & Verona Verde (Quartz)

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A smart kitchen utilizes space efficiently.

The many options of accessories allow for better storage space.

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82 Janet

Door Color: Apple

Worktop: Pebble Swan (Acrylic)

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Nature colors are warmer, especially with a painted glass cladding.

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62 Venecia

Door Color: Cherry Antique

Worktop: Aleutian White (Quartz)

The color and design of the doors can take a kitchen from city classic to country classic.

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55 Sofia

Door Color: Yellow Oak

Worktop: Pebble Swan (Acrylic)

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