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Upgrade Your Space: 5 Stylish Vanity Designs with Our Signature Touch

We all know bathrooms to be a largely functional space within the interior of any home, and as such, the aesthetic possibilities offered by these spaces are sacrificed in favor of pragmatism. One can often fail to consider, that neither aspect needs to be sacrificed for the other to take precedence. Keeping in mind these aesthetic considerations, vanities offer a wide range of design possibilities to be explored and experimented with. Bathroom vanities can elevate the design outlook of your bathroom interior owing partly to their ability to act as a sculptural centerpiece, and partly due to their vital placement in the layout of every bathroom.

Our professional practice encompasses a variety of vanity designs in Dubai, where we combine classic design sense with modern techniques and materials to create an overarching visual harmony for any bathroom interior. Contact us to set up a consultation and explore our portfolio of vanities in Qatar.

At our design practice, we seek to integrate a range of considerations within our finished products, and for that, a holistic approach is vital. The list to follow lays out the vital aspects of our methodology that inform our overall design language:

1. Bespoke Vanity Designs

Luxury vanity design; vanities in Dubai
Credit: Al Meera

While it is both possible and convenient to find pre-made bathroom vanities in most markets, the absolute best of design reveals itself in the creation of a customized vanity to each space. Such a creation not only takes into account the design requirements but also embraces the distinct needs and preferences of the resident, the most important stakeholder in this whole scenario. This can even mean going beyond the conventional standards and adapting them to suit an individual’s requirements.

Our designers have worked on several customized bathroom vanities in Dubai, where the needs of the user took precedence over market standards. Explore our portfolio of executed projects to seek design inspiration for your interior spaces.


2. Hi-tech Solutions

modern vanity design; vanities in Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

A bathroom vanity as a conventional component of a bathroom interior is an accepted standard practice, with some variation in terms of design and style. However, few things can elevate the presence of a bathroom vanity more than the integration of modern technologies and design solutions.

Developments in manufacturing and finishing processes have allowed for a degree of precision that was nearly impossible to achieve before. Taking advantage of these processes, we aim to become one of the forerunners in the field, offering never-before-seen styles of modern vanities in Dubai and its vicinities.

The process of integrating technology into a bathroom vanity design allows for the associated functions to be carried out efficiently and effortlessly, without any compromise on the durability of the products.


3. Luxe Materials and Finishes

black vanity design for home with cabinets; vanities in Abu Dhabi
Credit: Al Meera

The visual appearance of the components of a bathroom is one of the greatest contributors that decide the overall atmosphere of the interior space. Keeping this in mind, the application of high-end materials and finishes is integral to achieving a successful design outcome.

A meticulous design process, starting from a thorough market research to a sample-based mood board can help to decide the combination of materials to be employed in the design of a space.

The various components of a bathroom vanity such as the bath cabinets, vanity countertops, fittings and fixtures, can decide the overall aesthetic of a space.


4. Spatial Optimization

a beautiful vanity with vanity mirror; vanities in Oman
Credit: Al Meera

The increased efficiency of modernized design processes allows for the spatial layout and the functional program of a bathroom interior to be optimized, thus creating a seamless flow of processes across the entire space. This process involves taking into consideration the way a space will be utilized by the residents and adapting the layout to minimize distances between various processes. The bathroom vanity, as a central item in the configuration of a bathroom, is integral to this process, as it can accommodate many functions within its limited confines.


5. Maximized Storage

vanity countertop and vanity bowl designs; vanities in UAE
Credit: Al Meera

A common concern with bathroom interiors is the lack of easily available storage space. To counter this, our vanity design incorporates a range of storage solutions into a single, harmonious design to effectively cater to any kind of storage needs. Elements like under-counter cabinets, and freestanding bathroom cabinets can be utilized in combination with a traditional vanity countertop to arrive at a design outcome that maximizes the storage possibilities offered by a bathroom space.

Instead of letting the space below a bathroom vanity go unutilized, we design our vanities so that every inch of available space is optimized to achieve maximum possible efficacy to better cater to the needs of the user.

Contact our design team today to set up a consultation and begin your journey towards an optimized interior.


The level of attention to detail offered at our design practice is what ultimately makes our products unique and desirable. With a sensitive approach to our work, that encompasses a holistic approach to product design and interior conceptualization, we aim to provide the most efficient and aesthetic spaces possible to our clientele. Contact us today to set up a consultation and begin your journey towards a meticulously designed and well-conceived interior space.


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