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Elevate Your Space: Mastering the Art of Countertop Selection for Kitchen and Vanity Bliss

Finishing up the remodelling of your kitchen or vanity is one of the most exciting parts of the entire remodelling because it gives you the final pass to your newly modelled kitchen or vanity, but it can also crack open your nerves for it comes with loads of work like choosing the right shades of paint, the accessories and most importantly, choosing the right type of countertops for the area. Without them, the kitchen or vanity would look as lifeless as barren land.

This blog is all about countertops, their types, and how you can choose the right type for your kitchen. We want to help you design your kitchen as much as you want our help. So, let's dive into the content of this blog to not make a mistake while choosing the right type of vanity and kitchen countertops. You can also consult us for the best kitchen designs in Dubai.

How To Choose the Right Type of Countertops?

You might get panicked while choosing the right kind for you from a wide variety of countertops available in the market. It won't be so difficult if you consider a few points during the selection process. Considering the following issues, you can get the answer of what countertop will be the best for you.

  • Budget: Your budget is the main thing that matters because if you go without any budget, you choose countertops that highly exceed your budget. Stick tight to a budget and find a countertop that compliments the entire kitchen or vanity within the budget.

  • Purpose: You should be considerate about the purpose of your countertop. Are you getting the countertop for meal preparation or serving purposes or just to add the glamour element to the kitchen? For the vanity, are you choosing to keep your stuff on the top or keep it clean with drawers holding the stuff under the top? These considerations help in choosing a durable and strong countertop according to your needs.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Another thing to keep in mind is the cleaning and maintenance factor. Everything needs maintenance and so do the countertops. Are you willing to maintain them annually and is cleaning them a bothering point for you or not? This factor is important to consider to get you the type of material that needs daily or yearly cleaning and maintenance according to your capability.

Materials Available for the Countertops:

You might be surprised at the point where you decide to choose the type of material for your countertop as there are thousands of materials available in the market from granite to quartz, marble to wood, and many others. The most commonly used material for the countertops in the kitchen and vanity are porcelain, marble, acrylic, laminate, solid wood, and quartz. Below are some advantages if each:


Kitchen with granite countertop by Al Meera a leading Kitchen design and manufacturing company
Credit: Al Meera

It is one of the toughest stone materials for kitchen countertops and is also known to be resistant to scratching or chipping. Granite can be sealed, that helps make it even more durable to last longer. It is also very resistant to heat, which means you can place a hot pan on top of it (although it is still recommended to place hot pots or pans on a trivet or hotpad). It is expected for granites to last for decades, most especially if you regularly seal them.


A marble vanity countertop by Al Meera a leading designer and manufacturer of Vanity units in UAE, Oman and Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

What separates marble countertops from the other natural stones is its timeless luxurious appearance. It brings an incomparable beauty to any kitchen or vanity that will surely make a lasting impression. Additionally, marble countertops stay cool naturally, which makes it the perfect surface for rolling pastries, dough, and even ice cream. This is why chefs and bakers prefer marble countertops over other natural stones.


Kitchen top made with quartz BY Al Meera a kitchen company in UAE, Oman, Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

It is known for quartz countertops to be low maintenance. Its non-porous nature makes it stain resistant and won't require sealing. This means that as long as liquids are wiped away immediately after a spill, there shouldn’t be any concern. For other materials, in order to prevent stains it needs to be regularly sealed, which is time consuming and if left undone, can eventually harm the stone. Quartz countertops don't require sealing, so it takes less work and effort to have in the home.


Porcelain countertop for better homes get your kitchen designed by experts at Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Porcelain countertops are also non-porous, so liquids do not absorb and the rare stains are only on the surface and can be easily cleaned off. Additionally, porcelain countertops are resistant to most chemicals and will not etch or get spots from acidic food and drinks. It is 100% made of raw, natural, and clay-based materials. Porcelain countertops don't contain any harmful resins, chemicals, or other man-made surfaces, making it recyclable even after years of use.


Kitchen counter top in UAE, Oman, Qatar
Credit: Al Meera

Acrylic worktops are known to have fixable nature, making it more sustainable since you don't have to replace a cracked acrylic surface but merely repair it and it will be good to go. One of the key advantages of acrylic countertops is its ease to construct into any space as well as its affordability. While other natural stone and wooden surfaces tend to be costly to both install and maintain, acrylic countertops are extremely affordable to buy, install and maintain.


Kitchen Counter with laminated surface by Al Meera
Credit: Kitchen Magic

For an active and busy household, laminate countertops are the best and most convenient choice since they are very low maintenance. It is also more affordable than stone, which makes it a smart option for those who are looking to renovate on a small budget, while still getting great style. Laminate is also a solid surface, it doesn't absorb food spills and bacteria as some natural stone surfaces do. Soap and water are the only things you need when cleaning laminate countertops. There is also no special polishes or sealers required.

Solid Wood:

Solid wood counter  design for kitchen in UAE, Oman, Qatar
Credit: Andreas Von Einsiedel/Getty Images

Solid wood countertops are known for its durability and strength with the way they are constructed, which allows them to withstand a huge amount of pressure and weight. One of the main benefits of solid wood countertops over other materials is the longer you have it, the better it will look. The wood develops a patina (gloss or sheen) as it ages, causing its natural color to become deeper, enriching its appearance. Since wooden countertops are naturally beautiful, it will look perfect in any kitchen.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Countertop Material:

There are some points to consider before choosing the best material for kitchen and vanity countertops.

  • Durability: Who doesn't want durability if they spend a lot of time and resources remodelling something? If you have no plans of remodelling your countertops again shortly and durability is what you want from the countertops, go for quartz and granite. These materials are known for extreme durability and ensure the long life of your countertops.

  • Heat, Stain, and Scratch Resistance: Kitchen counters have to endure a lot of things like excessive heat, stains and scratches, and a lot more things. If you want countertops for your kitchen and want them to be heat resistant, go for laminate and porcelain. Luxury kitchens in Dubai can showcase the best examples of heat-resistant materials used in kitchen remodelling.

  • Beautiful Appearance: If beauty and looks are your main focus while choosing a countertop, make your way towards marble and natural stone material which come in various designs and patterns and give such an aesthetic look and elevate the entire appearance of the kitchen. You can also take references from luxury kitchens designs in UAE to elevate the look.

  • Easy Maintenance: One of the key features to consider while choosing material for countertops, is easy maintenance. Some materials like natural stones i.e., marble, granite, etc are expensive and are not easily maintained. Materials like wood, quartz, and acrylic are easily maintained and you can opt for them if looking for cheaper maintenance material.

  • Budget-friendly: If you are tight to a budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on just countertops, you can choose some of the cheapest yet beautiful materials for countertops. Laminate and acrylic are the best options if you are looking for not-so-expensive material for countertops.


Choosing the right material and on the whole, a countertop for your kitchen and vanity can be hectic for sure but several factors can make this hectic task super easy if you consider them. This article gives you a brief guide to consider all those points which are essential to choosing the best type of countertop and their material to not regret after completing the entire remodelling. If you are still confused, you can reach out to us as we are a well-reputed kitchen design company in Dubai. So, when are you planning to remodel your vanity and kitchen countertops?


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