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From Traditional to Contemporary: Luxury Kitchen Trends in UAE and Oman

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Over the years, design trends have evolved to suit changing tastes. With the advent of newer materials and technologies, kitchen designs have changed to reflect the gradual shift towards modern design sensibilities. Across timelines, certain design elements have remained consistent as a hallmark of luxury kitchen styles, and instead of being discarded with age, they have adapted themselves to suit the reigning design styles of the times.

Design houses, in a similar manner, have had to adapt themselves to these changing times. As one of the leading kitchen design company of Dubai, we have evolved our design strategy to envelop the constantly changing design trends. Doing so has ensured our consistent relevance in the area of timeless kitchen design.

1. Minimalist Color Palettes

Credit: Al Meera

In terms of color palettes, a minimalist option has always been the hallmark of a sophisticated and luxurious interior. For example, a classic interior palette would be one that combines a neutral color like cream or ivory with an accent color like charcoal or navy blue. Similarly, a modern, industrial palette would pair charcoal gray with black accents.

A color palette is one of the more visually dominant elements defining the mood of a space. It is the first thing that one notices about a space and it sets the tone for the interior design to be oriented around it, in the sense that the interplay of colors helps to define a visual hierarchy by drawing attention towards certain areas.

Explore our gallery of kitchens in Oman for inspiration and ideas on how to implement a minimalist color palette for your kitchen interior.

2. Integrated Storage

Credit: Al Meera

For every kitchen, no matter the design style, storage is inevitably the most integral component. In order for any kitchen to function seamlessly, with the maximum possible functions condensed into the minimum possible space, it is necessary to capitalize on storage. Integrating your storage solutions into your kitchen design instead of being imposed later as an afterthought, is the best way to ensure that the functionality of the space remains uncompromised. This can involve the design of the kitchen cabinetry, along with the placement of the required appliances.

Storage solutions may also need to evolve with time and use. Keeping that in mind, a well- designed kitchen should be able to foresee changing needs and create room for these changes to be implemented. Our designs of modular kitchens in Dubai, provide a catalog of well-executed examples of the very same.

3. Complementary Materials and Textures

Credit: Al Meera

In any interior space, the interplay of various colors and textures helps to define the designed aesthetic of the interior. The inclusion of colors and textures in the form of different materials ends up being the most visually dominant aspect of an interior. In a kitchen interior especially, there are a lot of surfaces to work with: the walls, floor, countertops, cabinets, and the ceiling.

An overarching design scheme helps to define the selection of these materials. For instance, a beach themed interior will lean towards a palette of sandy whites and birch wood, paired with touches of cool blues for a hint of color. On the other hand, an industrial theme will seek to pair a rich teak wood polish with metallic grays and veined black marble accents.

A good strategy to help decide the material palette of a space is by obtaining samples of the desired materials and arranging them together to see if they work well together. Consult with our designers for expert advice on best kitchen designs in Dubai.

4. Display Areas

Credit: Al Meera

Cluttering an interior space with an abundance of elements can create a space that looks busy, and creates an unpleasant experience that can best be described as congested and claustrophobic. It is necessary to intersperse these elements throughout the space to create an overall balance. This can be achieved by assigning certain areas for display purposes. This is where you can place your kitchen décor such as: fruit bowls, recipe book displays, utensil display stands, or any other ornamental elements and accessories.

Display areas can also be integrated within the design of your overall kitchen storage, which will also help to provide breakout spaces along the kitchen interior. Arrangements of décor that complements the design scheme of the kitchen will also help add a touch of upscale luxury to your interior. Browse our catalog of luxury kitchens in Dubai for inspiration on arrangements of kitchen décor to enhance your spaces.

5. Statement Lighting

Credit: Al Meera

The addition of quality lighting can make or break any interior space. Luxury interiors of all kinds tend to layer different kinds of lighting to provide opportunities for different kinds of moods to be created in any interior. For instance, recessed ceiling lights can provide ambient light, creating a diffused look throughout the interior, while pendant lights create focused spots of light, highlighting a certain zone. Statement lighting fixtures such as a chandelier, wall sconces, or pendant lights, can be used to create a point of focus within the interior space.

Kitchen interiors especially require well-lit zones where the functional zones are concerned, such as a kitchen island or countertop. Striking a balance that fulfills both the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space is where the experience of the designer comes into play. With a wealth of experience concerning luxury kitchens in UAE, our design team is well equipped to handle your kitchen designs.

6. High End Fittings and Fixtures

Credit: Al Meera

Any kitchen interior is incomplete without the inclusion of fittings and fixtures that will work to ensure the seamless functionality of this residential interior. The quality of these fittings will define their longevity and durability in the face of sustained use. While cheaper alternatives can be found in the market, they will ultimately prove to have a shorter lifespan, thus necessitating frequent maintenance and replacement.

Think of high quality fittings as an investment, allowing you to enjoy the use of your kitchen for a longer duration with little to no maintenance and upkeep. Fittings such as pipes, faucets, washbasins, etc., ultimately dictate the day-to-day running of the kitchen.


In conclusion, the evolution of kitchen design trends has shown us that certain timeless elements continue to define luxury and sophistication regardless of changing times. Elements like minimalist color palettes, integrated storage solutions, complementary materials and textures, display areas, statement lighting, and high-end fittings and fixtures define luxury kitchens. At Al Meera, We blend these timeless principles with modern design to create kitchens that are both elegant and functional. You can reach out to us, whether you're seeking inspiration for your next kitchen project or looking for expert guidance in creating a luxurious and functional kitchen space.


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