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Wardrobes, Their Types, and Their Magic

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Do you feel something missing in your bedroom, and is it a wardrobe that your mind is constantly thinking about? When it comes to clothes and their organizing, people, especially ladies like to have big, luxurious wardrobes for themselves, not only to store all their accessories but also to give their room a lavish look. Basically, wardrobes are an essential part of one's room. We are here with this article to tell you all about wardrobes, their types, and styling ideas, do check out our website for the best wardrobes in UAE.

What Really Are Wardrobes?

Before moving to anything else, you should be certain about what you refer to as wardrobes. We often mistake our normal to-do cupboards for wardrobes that are not actually the thing. Cupboards and cabinets are usually the storage furniture in your kitchen, but the wardrobes are tall furniture to store or hang your clothes in, specifically in the bedrooms. And there are several types of wardrobes to add spark to the beauty and aesthetics of your room. For more specified looks and designs, visit our page that offers the best wardrobes in Qatar.

Different Types of Wardrobes:

As always, we will never let you go without complete knowledge, as this is what we are here for. Out of many different types of closets, in this article, we will educate you about the most common and beautiful varieties, and by the end, you can choose the kind of wardrobe that suits the theme of your room the most. Thank us later; for now, let us dig into the different types of wardrobes.

1. The Walk-in Wardrobe:

Credit: Al Meera

Number 1 and the best wardrobes in the town are the walk-in wardrobes. They are so luxurious, and if you have a good space and budget, consider them a part of your house. They will add looks, luxury, efficiency, and an organized closet. As the walk-in wardrobe will be spacious, you can have separate compartments for everything, including dresses, formal wear, jeans, footwear, purses, and accessories. You can add elements that please you in a walk-in wardrobe to make it more efficient and luxurious as every piece increases the charm. For example, you can add a full- mirror to your wardrobe.

Another addition can be good quality lights, as epic lighting will eventually make everything look good. A center table, either circular or square, would give a more specified look. Some decoration pieces like wall hangings or a vase would go well. Try not to fit so many things in it and keep it minimal yet classy to give it a glamorous and modern look.

2. Hinged Doors Wardrobe:

Credit: Al Meera

Hinged-door wardrobes never go out of trend. People of any era would love to have a hinged-door wardrobe. Another efficient feature is that you can add hooks, racks, and a dresser. The thing to remember is that hinged doors are not similar to sliding doors. They are visible, which is the biggest advantage of hinged door wardrobes. The door’s back can be useful for installing hangers and hanging full-length clothes, but it is not trustable enough to install a mirror. It is a great choice for a traditional room.

3. Customized Wardrobe:

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

Another mind-blowing idea for your closets might be customization. A customized closet is basically what you want and how you want it in a wardrobe. It's just so simple and simply amazing. Add whatever you want in the making of your wardrobe. One can add multiple drawers or different wardrobe accessories to give it a different look. The same goes for any other design. All is what your needs are. They are built in your particular space with the addition of your requirements to it. The conditions may be anything like compartments, shelves, or other things.

There are unlimited benefits to having customized wardrobes. You need not have a huge space for it. They can be built in a smaller area as well. The quality would w how you want it to be. You will be the master while it is made. Efficiency is the biggest advantage of a bespoke wardrobe; everyone would like to be efficient. For more tips and ideas, visit our website for the best wardrobe design in Dubai.

4. Dressers with Hidden Safe:

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

Now here is something really unique and interesting. You might not be comfortable depositing a large amount of money in a bank or any visible place. You want to have your valuables saved and near you. What to do now? Maybe a dresser would work. Yes, it would work if you get yourself a dresser with a hidden safe built in. It is not that easy but as secure as any secure place. You can hide the safe in the dresser easily, and no one would get to know that it is not just the dresser but also have a hidden safe in it. For trustworthy work, visit our website for modern wardrobes.

5. Free-standing Wardrobe:

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

Another popular type of closet is the free-standing wardrobe. It is one of the town's most common types of wardrobes mainly because they are traditional and have been in use for years. They are basic and classy at the same time. If you have a small retro-themed room, go for the free-standing wardrobes as they won't acquire much of your space and money.

They are extremely inexpensive so anyone with a tight budget can also have their hands on them. It is such a great option if you don't want to spend more on just a wardrobe. Nowadays, with many changes, these free-standing wardrobes are also available in plastic designs, and that's something great. It will give your room a fuller vibe with a definite atmosphere, more like a mature look.

Another advantage of owning a free-standing wardrobe is that you will get hanging space, shelves, and drawers altogether which is efficient. You can also style them in various ways depending on your requirements.

6. Sliding Doors Wardrobe:

Credit: Al Meera

Sliding door wardrobes have their own charm. They are classy, attractive, modern, and trendy all at one time. And when it is a package of wholesome things, it comes out a bit expensive, but you will never regret your decision to get it installed. It will give an urban look to your room, and if you have wood flooring, then it will contrast with the floor, and you will find it more attractive. Be careful about what kind of sliding door wardrobe you are going for because, other than cost, it is difficult to install, and once you have got it installed, you cannot easily change anything about it. However, you can customize the shelves and compartments in it according to your choice. It usually uses less space, and hence is optimal for small spaces.

7. Wall Mounted Wardrobe:

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

As time made a lot of changes in almost everything, wardrobes also changed and became modern by time. Wall-mounted wardrobe is the creation of modernization. If you prefer style and abundance as your priority you can opt for wall-mounted closets. It would perfectly fit into your stylish home. It occupies less space and also gives an elegant look, providing shelves, hangers, drawers, and compartments altogether. It offers more storage space as it is wall mounted, and its length is much more than any other wardrobe. Having to use not much money, it is a great pick if you want a stylish wardrobe with all the benefits of shelves and compartments. You can organize it in any way possible, depending on your wants, needs, and requirements. Add details to it and make it your favorite part of the room.


If you are looking forward to getting your room a wardrobe, do consider the above types to give your room an elegant look and clean finish. Try to get what your pocket permits you to, and yes, be careful before getting them installed because, after installation, it would be late to realize things and ask for changes. However, don’t worry as our experienced team, is here to help you make the right choice. For the best wardrobe designs, contact us on our website or visit one of our Wardrobe Showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, or Doha.


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