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The Best Material Finishes for Wardrobes: What Works Best for You?

Updated: May 15, 2023

When it comes to wardrobes, the options can seem endless. Should you go with a traditional wood finish or something a little more modern? Or maybe you're considering going with a fabric finish. There are many material finishes to choose from when it comes to having a new wardrobe installed in your home. This article will discuss the different material finishes and what each one offers available in our Wardrobe Showrooms located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Doha. We will also provide tips on choosing the right finish for your home!

For the Shutters:

1. Veneer Wardrobe Finishes

Wardrobe with Veneer door finish by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

The veneer is very popular as a material finish for wardrobes. A veneer is made from high-quality wood, making it strong and flexible enough to be shaped into a closet. It has a smooth surface that will create the look you want, and it can be stained in various colors to enhance the appearance of your home's decor.

Veneer wardrobe finishes are relatively easy to install, and they will last for a long time, so this is an excellent choice if you want something durable and stylish. However, they are more expensive than other material finishes.

2. Solid Wood Wardrobe Finishes

Wooden Wardrobe by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Solid wood is another popular material finish for wardrobes. It gives you a more rustic look than a veneer does, and it provides strength and durability so that your wardrobe will last for years to come.

Solid wood can be sanded down and repainted with the color of your choice if it begins to fade over time. The main downside of solid wood wardrobes is that they are not very absorbent. If you spill something on them or if there is a lot of moisture in the air, the surface of the wardrobe can warp and become damaged. This is why some people use varnish to seal their solid wood wardrobes so that there is less risk of wetness causing potential damage.

3. Laminate Wardrobe Finishes

White Wardrobe with Laminate Finish by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Laminate is an affordable and durable material used in many wardrobes today, available at a range of price points from entry-level models to high-end products with extra features such as soft-close drawers or built-in lights inside the wardrobe doors. Laminated materials are water-resistant and easy to keep clean with soap or mild detergent, making them ideal for busy households where spills often happen!

4. Melamine Board Wardrobe Finishes

Melamine MDF Wardrobe by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Melamine board is a type of material that closely resembles wood. However, this finish does not require a lot of maintenance and will be much cheaper than going with a real wood wardrobe. This type of material can be advantageous if you have children or pets in your household as it repels stains and scratches. In addition to the stress-resistant finish, this material also comes in numerous different designs. If you're looking for a sleek and modern design for your wardrobe, then a melamine board may be right for you.

5. Glass Wardrobe Finishes

Wardrobe with Glas Doors and Aluminum frame by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

The glass finish for a wardrobe is ideal if you're looking to create an airy, spacious feel in your bedroom or hallway. Glass wardrobes are also easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for busy households where spills happen often! They can be made from either clear or frosted glass and are available in various styles to suit your needs.

6. Lacquer or Polyurethane Paint Wardrobe Finishes

Rustic Brown Wardrobe with Lacquer Finish by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Lacquer or polyurethane wardrobe finishes are perfect for people who would like to change the color of their wardrobe often. This type of paint is hard-wearing and easy to clean, making it ideal for an entrance hall, living room, or bedroom wardrobe.

The downside to this finish is that it only lasts anywhere between 6-12 months, depending on the amount of traffic through your closet. The other factor that will affect how long this paint lasts is the room's humidity level. If there is a lot of moisture in your home, you can expect to have to re-paint even sooner than 12 months.

7. Opaque or Colored Glass Wardrobe Finishes

Opaque or colored glass wardrobe finishes are perfect for a contemporary look. It is an excellent choice if you would like to brighten your room and add some privacy at the same time. If you choose opaque glass, the wardrobe will require a professional to install it for you. This type of finish is also relatively expensive, so less costly options are available if your budget does not allow for this type of finish. The only downside to this type of finish is that it can easily chip or scratch, and if you are not careful, it can become damaged over time.

8. Acrylic Wardrobe Finishes

Brown Wardrobe with Sliding Doors and Acrylic Finish
Credit: Al Meera

Acrylic wardrobe finishes are water-resistant and perfect for a family home or an apartment. Made from a synthetic polymer, this finish is very durable and easy to maintain throughout the years. The best part about this finish is that it is guaranteed not to crack, chip or peel. The only downside to this type of finish is that it does not adhere well to plastics or metals.

9. PVC Foil Wardrobe Finishes

Wardrobes with PVC Finish by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

PVC foil is another popular material finish for wardrobes. Some people choose it because it is inexpensive and easy to install, but others like the contemporary look that PVC foil can provide. This type of wardrobe finish has a shiny surface that will enhance the appearance of your home's decor, and you won't have to worry about repainting or refinishing the material. PVC foil is also easy to clean, so you can keep it looking fresh all the time.

The downside of this surface is that it is not very durable. If you are constantly opening and closing your wardrobe doors or if there are heavy items in your wardrobe, there is a chance that the finish could be damaged. This means that you may need to apply a protective layer over the top of the material to keep it looking nice for years to come.

For the Carcass:

Medium Particle Fibreboard (MDF)

MDF Wardrobe Carcass by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

MDF is a versatile material that can be used for both wardrobes and other furniture pieces in your home. It consists of wood residue that has been combined with resin and wax. MDF is an excellent choice if you look for a durable finish that will last for years. It has a smooth surface that is easy to clean, making it ideal for families with children or pets. MDF is durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Material Finish for Your Home

Now that you have read about the different material finishes available, you can consider which one will be best for your wardrobe. To help you narrow down the choice, here are some extra factors to consider before making a final decision:

- How Often Will This Wardrobe Be Used?

If the wardrobe is only going to be used occasionally or is for a guest bedroom, paint or lacquer is the best option. This type of finish will need to be applied and re-applied regularly. And if you want something that looks good but is low maintenance, opt for an opaque glass door.

- Will Moisture Affect My Wardrobe?

If you want to buy a wardrobe for a room with more moisture (like the bathroom or laundry), then melamine or laminate will be your best option as they are durable, moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

- Is Cost A Consideration?

Although price shouldn't be the main factor you consider when choosing a material finish for your wardrobe, it is essential to know that specific finishes are more expensive than others. For example, a melamine or laminate finish is more budget-friendly than glass, acrylic, or veneer.


So, what’s the best finish for your wardrobe? The answer is it depends on you and your lifestyle. We hope this guide has helped to give you a better idea of what might work best for you. If you have any questions or want some advice on how to put together the perfect wardrobe for your needs, make sure to visit our Wardrobe showroom in Dubai to get started on creating the perfect storage solution for your home.


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