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Difference Between Classic Kitchens And Modern Kitchens

Updated: May 15, 2023

Is it that time of the year when your home, especially your kitchen, needs remodelling? Are you perplexed about what design you should pick this time for your kitchen? If yes, then your search ends here as this article would be a great help to you undoubtedly. If your preference is between a classic or modern kitchen and it is hard to decide, we will help you with it. This. In this article, you will be getting to know the main key differences between modern and classic kitchens, and in that way, till the end, your mind will conclude what to choose between the two models.

What is a Modern Kitchen?

The perfect modern kitchen check top kitchens in Abu Dhabi from top kitchens in UAE
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Modern kitchens, if we talk about it, are designed to bold and sleek looks, more engaged and built-in appliances, giving a cool modern vibe just as you see it. Mostly contrast patterns are used in the modern kitchen to give it a more sleek look. It emphasises clear and clean lines, efficient use of modern materials, and sustainability. The modern kitchen design makes it look open, airy, and up-to-date, unlike traditional or classic kitchens. Common features of a modern kitchen are stainless steel, white and sleek cabinetry, glass, and plastic. This design makes your kitchen look good and gives a modern and up-to-date look to your kitchen. If you opt for a modern kitchen for your house, visit our page for designs for the best kitchens in Dubai.

What is a Classic Kitchen?

The Classic or traditional kitchen design best kitchen company in Dubai and UAE
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Classic or traditional kitchens, contrary to modern kitchens, are completely different. They are not that modern but cosy and comforting. It gives you a traditional feel and is always inviting. Usually, a warmer palette of shades and colours is used in a traditional kitchen with natural material to give it a natural and homely vibe. They are always in trend no matter how much the era has modernised because of their good establishment, vintage and antique looks, and appealing colours. The classic or traditional design of the kitchen makes the house feel fresh and natural. The hints of contrast are always dark and light for a balance of shades. They are also in big demand because of their durability. If you get your kitchen renovated in a classic design, you will feel nothing to change in it for years compared to modern kitchens, which keep altering daily and with changing seasons. To give your kitchen a classic look, visit our website to reach the best kitchen company in Dubai.

Modern Kitchens vs Classic Kitchens:

Although both designs are complete opposites, they have unique features that make them appealing. None can be compared to the other because of the different properties. If you want to go for an all-natural and home-like theme, do prefer a classic design kitchen and if you want to give it a modern and sleek look, give a chance to modern kitchens. Both will be appreciated in their way, and you will not curse yourself after remodelling the kitchen either way. As of now, you know what modern and classic kitchens are; read it further to get to know about the main points which create a big difference between modern and classic kitchens, and we bet it would clear your mind to choose the best theme and design for your kitchen.

Five major differences between modern kitchens and classic kitchens:

1. The Shape

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

The first major difference between modern and classic kitchen designs is the kitchen's shape which plays an important part. The classic kitchen typically has rounder shapes and gives a warm aesthetic vibe with a touch of homeliness. This round organic shape creates a good space for social interaction and does not block the way of air cross. The traditional cuts and corners make it look more elegant. Now, if we talk about modern kitchens, on the contrary, give an opposite turn to the shapes. It usually has sharp edges, straight lines, and angles that are obvious. The shapes have a bold touch with a hint of sleekness and elegance. These sleek cuts and corners are a good treat for the eyes.

2. The Appliances

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

If you have ever witnessed a classic kitchen, you must have seen freestanding appliances, not too modern yet not too ornate. On the other hand, the modern kitchen often emphasises built-in appliances, which wins the battle of space-saving compared to the freestanding appliances in the classic kitchen. Modern appliances are convenient to use, handy, and save space for other things to fit in limited space. They give a clean and tidy look and are super easy to maintain. If you are looking forward to giving your kitchen a built-in feature, do count on modern kitchen designs, and for designs, you can visit our page to reach the best kitchen company in Dubai.

3. The Shelves And Cabinets

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

Whereas the classic kitchen is all about panels, a modern kitchen avoids panels and focuses on efficient designs, modern cabinets with a light pop of colours ensure aesthetics and make the kitchen look appealing, and the person goes wow. That is the essential element of the modern kitchen to not rely on the basis of old and used shelves and cabinets. The classic kitchens, on the contrary, give a turn to open shelves and panels, giving the kitchen an open and bigger look to make it big enough for three to four people to stand comfortably. The cabinets are usually built using natural materials like wood or marble in a white or creamy colour palette. However, the classic kitchen relies on the same design for years and years but is always presented in a new way making it more elegant and appealing. The classic design is, however, coming back in trend with a huge demand because of its nature-friendly interior and aesthetic vibe.

4. The Material

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

The materials used to furnish the modern and the traditional kitchens are opposite. Using natural materials in classic kitchens like wood, oak, marble, pine, and other natural things is preferred to give it a more home-like feel and keep it connected with nature. It looks completely adorable, gives a sophisticated look to the kitchen, increases its life, and ensures durability. On the other hand, modern kitchens use recent material that has gained fame for being modern and sleek, and there is no doubt that this material and its hype keep changing with the blinking of an eye. Well, stainless steel, glass, and plastic are often used in modern kitchens. They also use quartz for countertops and shelves. The material used in the modern kitchen gives it a sleek look with encourages an up-to-date and fresh vibe. Until now, you must know what to choose to remodel your kitchen. If not, then read further to clear all the confusion from your mind.

5. The Colors And Patterns

Credit: Al Meera Credit: Al Meera

Last but not least, another difference between the modern and the classic kitchen is the colours and patterns for a colour palette are most important to give your kitchen any of the two looks. We discussed above the round organic shapes of the classic kitchens, but floral patterns are also common in the classic kitchen. Natural, earthy tones are used for colour to give it a natural look and to feel connected with nature. The wooden finish gives it a more lively look, whereas the colour palette used in the modern kitchen is bold and full of contrast. Subtle minimalistic patterns enhance the beauty and give it a sleek look and modern finish. It can, in any case, not be said that any of them is not doing a good job. Both modern and classic kitchens appeal to the viewers with the colours and patterns which relax the eyes and make you feel like, yes, kitchens can also be beautiful and worthy to call the heart of the house.

How to choose a suitable kitchen design for your house?

Until now, you know all the differences between modern and classic kitchens and must be fairly considerate about what design you have to say yes finally. If you are still puzzled, consider the following questions; the answers you get would be the final decision. Consider what theme you want for your kitchen. Do you want bold colour tones or a soft earthy colour palette? The next thing to consider is the space. The space is the obvious answer for what you have to opt for. If you have a good space for your kitchen and want a big comfortable, cosy kitchen, go for the classic one and if you want a built-in and efficient one, go for the modern one. The other thing to think about is the budget. Try to renovate your kitchen with the expense under your budget. For a budget-friendly remodelling of your kitchen, visit our page for top kitchens.


Discussed above were the major differences between modern kitchens and classic kitchens. To conclude, we would say that remodelling a kitchen is fun until you have to choose between modern and classic kitchens, which is a tough task. Choose wisely, considering all your aspects, and then give your kitchen a new look. For the latest kitchen designs, you can consider visiting our page for the best kitchens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Doha.


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